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Almost all Mafia's best diving is at depths of less than 30m so it is a sport diver's paradise. The reefs of the archipelago offer a staggeringly beautiful and varied display of marine life. The excellent condition and high diversity of the reefs stimulated the creation of Mafia Island Marine Park, Tanzania's first marine park. Examples of most kinds of tropical marine habitat occur here, including exposed fringing reefs, rock walls, soft corals and algae-dominated reefs. The diversity of animal and plant life is hard to match, with over 50 genera of corals and 460 species of fish so far identified; many more still await determination. There are excellent examples of giant table corals, delicate seafans, whip corals, and huge stands of blue-tipped staghorn corals. Large predatory fish and turtles are common and surprisingly unaffected by approaching divers

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Mafia Island Sea Poin

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Swim With Whale Sharks

One of the most exciting encounters sea lovers can dream of. A short trip by car from your lodge will take you to Kilindoni harbour, buzzing with daily activities in a kaleidoscope of colours. In support of local fishermen, involved in a project for protection of whale sharks, visitors use their local boats and skills to spot the gentle giants quietly feeding on plankton a few hundred metres from the shore.

In spite of the fact that nobody can guarantee that they will be seen, in the period between October and March the chances are extremely high and the lodges get in touch early in the morning with local guides that spot them and signal their position. Swimming with whale sharks, the largest fish on the planet, requires no special skills but even looking at these beautiful creatures from the boat is an unforgettable experience.

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