mafia island Travel guide

           WEATHER & SEASONS 


we consider our visitor season starting in June and running through to the following March; the relevant climatic features can be described as follows:

June Cool and dry uly Cool but windy August- October Cool, dry season with pleasant temperatures and excellent weather November Short rains, but often unreliable running into December December-March Hot season, mainly dry with showers and increasing humidity April-May Long rains, very wet with heavy downpours lasting all day.


Mafia Island lies across the trade winds and experiences the north-east (Kaskazi) and south-east (Kusi) seasons. The Kaskazi usually starts at the end of November after a period of shuwali (calm) and short rains (vuli). The Kusi is the longer and windier period, running from early July through to mid-September. It is more variable than the Kaskazi and may bring strong winds and last many weeks; however, we usually expect up to six weeks of strong winds followed by a shorter period of milder winds.


Temperatures are mild, even when we speak of the “hot” season, as the temperature in Mafia rarely exceeds 30°C. It is the humidity level that often causes visitors to feel they are hot, especially when the breeze drops and it is very calm.


Mafia has a relatively dry tropical climate with approximately 1,800 mm of rain each year divided into two seasons of “long” rains in late March-May and “short” rains in November-early December.

The excellent visitor periods are August-October inclusive and early December-mid-March inclusive.

             WHERE TO GO

                WHERE TO EAT 

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